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After reading this post, I promise that you will start blogging As soon as Possible and your articles will be on top of google soon because, I have covered all the things you need to know before starting a blog as beginner and writing a blog post. So before starting, Let me introduce you to blogging.

What is Blogging?

Blogging simply means to write a post and publish on website. Post can be a review or story or information or introduction or anything you want to write.

Why Blogging?

Now many of you have a question, Why to create a blog? or Why to start blogging?

There in not only single answer for this question, One can start blogging for earning money which is most common reason today. One can use blogging to advertise their products which many top companies and brands are doing these days.

Let's first come to most common one,

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your First Blog Website.

Well, this is the most asked Question by newbie bloggers who are willing to create a blog website.

Creating a blog website is very simple, you just need to follow few steps and at the end you will get your blog ready for blogging.

  • Select a CMS

    This is not a step, its just a plan to start your first blog. So firstly you should decide, on which platform you are going to run your blog. I will recommend you to use WordPress as your Content Management System. All the steps given below are only for a WordPress blog.

  • Step 1 -> Purchase a Domain

    Think For good a domain ( and purchase it. (Buy Domain)
    A good domain name is precise, meaningful, and creative.

    Free Domain
    You can go for BlueHost Hosting If you need a Free Domain but remember that you should buy hosting from not from
    Other Alternatives for Free Domains are HostGator, DreamHost and Hostinger.

  • Step 2 -> Purchase Good Hosting

    The most important step is to choose the best hosting plan for your blog. It is not just a hosting because it will effect your website speed as well as Your SEO or Ranking and Traffic. You need to purchase a fast hosting to make your blog fast and rank better on google. I will recommend you to choose Siteground as a first priority because they run on google cloud. There are other best alternative like BluehostA2HostingDreamHostHostgator.

    After Purchasing a Hosting you should Connect your domain and hosting using name server of hosting in Your domain DNS Setting. I know this is a little technical but here is the video of how to do it simply.
    (See How)

  • Step 3 -> Install WordPress

    Installing WordPress is Now very easy due to Inbuilt installer in Hostings. Install WordPress on your hosting Using Installer or Manually. and If you need any help with Installation of WordPress See This Video.

  • Step 4 -> Install Speedy Theme

    WordPress Themes Decide the look of your website. There are million of free theme available in market so to install a theme, login to your WordPress Dashboard using url->, and Install a any fast theme like GeneratePress(Not Fancy), Astra, Kadence or OceanWP for better Speed and professional look.
    After installing theme customize it's look according to your wish.

    Here is the detailed Video on How to install a theme and customize it.

  • Step 5 -> Install Essential Plugin

    Every new blogger always confuse which plugin to install and which Not. Install Only some important Plugins like Rank Math for SEO, AMP WP, Gutenberg Editor, Kadence Block for GB etc. these plugin will help you to write a good content on your website.

  • Final Step -> Create Your First Post

    Here you go, Now you are ready to write Post and start earning from your blogging.

Start Creating Your Blog Step By Step

How to earn money from blog?

And again there is many ways of earning money from blog. Two most common ways of earning money from blog are :-

  1. Google Adsense
    • Google Adsense is a monetizing service by google by which you can monetize your blog or YouTube to earn money by showing Google ads on your blog website or on YouTube videos.
  2. Using Affiliates
    • Now this is very popular method of monetizing your blog. You need to choose a affiliate program which match you audience (traffic) interest and place their link, banners, Products etc on your website. When anyone from you link or banner purchase product on your affiliate's site, you will get commission decided by you affiliate vendor.
    • Under Affiliates, there is a thing called sponsorship, but here you do not have to worry about sales. Payout are decided by your sponsors and you will be paid to put their banners or logos or products on your website.

There are others way too like using custom promotions or advertising your own products and increasing sales conversion but these are rare and only few people use these methods.

How much can I earn from Blogging?

This is the best part of blogging, There is no restriction on your earning, you can earn as much as you can. There are many bloggers who started their company by just blogging, so you can imagine how much this field worth.

But there is also competition of ranking blog post on google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for getting more and more traffic because only audience can make you able to earn good money. And Google is the most used search engine who can send traffic to your website but you have to rank your blog posts.

How to Rank Blog Posts?

There is no any valid answer for this question, it's all depends on how much your post impresses google crawler and algorithm. If you have a quality content, there is 80% chance that your article can rank on 1 or 2 page of SERP.

Is only blog post matters for ranking blog posts?

No, There are many other factor that decide your ranking on google SERP but the most important is Content that's why many blogger says “Content is King”. The other factor that influence ranking are your website ON Page SEO i.e. quality of website which include coding optimization, schema, image optimization, website loading speed, User Interaction etc. and also some Off Page SEO like quality back-link, proper back-link anchor tag, referring domain etc. Your blog niche also decide how much there is a chance of your article to be ranked.

On Page SEO


Off Page SEO

What is a blog niche?

Topic of blog is sometime referred as Blog niche. If there is less competition in a particular topic and you have a quality website with quality content then definitely it's going to rank. But these day choosing a perfect niche for blog is very difficult work.

How to choose a perfect niche for your blog?

You have to do some research to check about competition (SEO based and CPC Based), you have to check CPC of your Niche and primary keyword. Before choosing a niche make sure how deeply you know about that particular topic because at the end you have to write blog post on that topic and if you do not know much about that topic you can not write a quality blog by just researching.

What is a Quality Blog Post?

There is no any proper definition for defining a quality blog post but let me tell you something that google check and decide that your blog post have quality for a particular keyword or not. The first is Bounce Back Rate of your blog post, If your bounce back rate is high google will think that your blog post do not have a quality content. Actually blog post is depend on interaction of visitor.

Let me explain you by taking an example, If a visitor landed on your post and just backed this means he do not interacted with your post and hence your post is not good.

How to write a Quality Blog Post?

As I have mentioned above, you need to have a quality blog post in order to rank in google search result page to get organic traffic. So let's talk about how to create a quality blog post.

I prefer my own checklist for writing my blog post which is given below :-

Think About

  • What you are going to write?
  • Why You are going to write?
  • Which type of information you are providing?
  • How it will help a reader?
  • How much information user will get on this topic after reading blog post.
  • Last but not least, Is user need to search this topic again on google after just reading your blog post.

To Do

  • Do a proper research on your topic.
  • Use heading and subheadings to write you blog post.
  • Use rich media like images and videos.
  • Content Length should be more than 700 words.
  • Explain everything about that topic.
  • Use structured data like schema, FAQ etc.

Not to Do

  • Do not refer any spamming website in your articles.
  • Do not use any black hat SEO tricks to rank your post.
  • Do not use Too many ads link inside your post.

And If are satisfied by all the questioned above then you are ready to publish your post.

What to do when post get ranked on google?

Congratulation, now you have the key of your Treasure which is audience as I mentioned, only audience is money. After you start getting traffic on your particular blog post, do not stop improving it more and more by updating it to latest version of your post. When there is enough organic traffic from google or bing, the next thing to do is to monetize your content properly.

Now many bloggers (Beginner and Old) do the same mistake which is monetizing every blog post with same type of banners and links, but wait do not do this. This is going to kill your SEO and will definitely decrease your Bounce Back Rate because you are showing your visitor a thing in which he is not interested.

So, How to monetize Blog Post properly?

The main thing before monetizing content is to know about the interest of the audience on your particular blog. And it's very simple to know the main interest of your visitors on a particular blog post.

For example

I wrote a article on how to rank on google, So I know that my visitor is searching something related to SEO. So I will use affiliate link of SEO tools for monetizing it properly.

Now, on the other hand If I use a Banner of Amazon Sale, Do you think he is going to click on that. Of course not for 90% of them.

This is the way to monetize your blog properly, reduce bounce back rate, increase visitor engagement and get huge organic traffic directly from search engine.

Start Blogging


Create Your Blog

  1. What is Blogging?

    Blogging means to write a post and publish on website. Post can be a review, story, information, introduction or anything you want to write about any particular topic.

  2. Why to start blogging?

    There are many reason to start blogging but You can start blogging for earning money which is most common reason today.

  3. How to earn money from blog?

    There are many ways to monetize blog, but some very popular are AdSense, Affiliates and Sponsors etc.

  4. How much can I earn from Blogging?

    There is no restriction on your earning, you can earn as much as you can.

  5. How to Rank Blog Posts?

    If you have a quality content, there is 80% chance that your article can rank.

  6. Is only blog post matters for ranking blog posts?

    No, The other factor that effect ranking are ON Page SEO, OFF Page SEO etc.

  7. What is a blog niche?

    Blog Niche is a Topic that a particular blog cover in their website.

  8. How to choose a perfect niche for your blog?

    You have to do some research on niche traffic, CPC, competition etc.

  9. What is a Quality Blog Post?

    A blog post with all things covered on that particular topic can be assumed as a Good Quality Post.

  10. How to write a Quality Blog Post?

    You need to do a proper research before writing any blog post so that it resolve all issue of your visitor.

  11. What to do when post get ranked on google?

    After ranking on google you can monetize your content.

  12. How to monetize Blog Post properly?

    Use Visitor interest based ads or affiliate Link and Banners.


So, Finally you have all the information related to blogging and blog post but If you have any Question, Just Comment below and let me know about them.I will answer all of them ASAP.

And If you like any part of this post, Please share it with your Friends.


Published on: 6/13/20, 6:57 PM