What is Blogging?

Blogging simply means to write a post and publish on website. Post can be a review or story or information or introduction or anything you want to write.

Why Blogging?

Now many of you have a question, Why to create a blog? or Why to start blogging?

There in not only single answer for this question, One can start blogging for earning money which is most common reason today. One can use blogging to advertise their products which many top companies and brands are doing these days.

Let's first come to most common one,

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your First Blog Website.

Published on: 6/13/20, 6:57 PM

In this article you will learn all possible ways of making money online or you can say “How to earn money online”.

Listen, if you really want to earn online, you need to have patience and some skills or in another words you can only earn money online if you have some skills or knowledge about this field.

But wait don't be sad, the good part of this digital world is you can learn everything at your home in just a few days. Only thing that you need to focus is to be expert in a particular field. And if you are an expert, there are infinite ways of earning money online is present. You just need to figure it out and work on it.

Before you see the list of methods, firstly you should know about how it works. According to me there is a flow Audience >Trust > Marketing or sometime it's like Solution > Showcase > Audiences > Marketing but the common thing in both is audience so If you can have audience which indirectly means you can have a lot of money. All you need is to convert that random audience in trusted audience and to do that you need to provide some catchy things in which your audience is interested in.

Published on: 6/13/20, 6:52 PM